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3. Start getting jobs

Drivers from around the US post repair and service jobs

4. Provide a Quote

Send out fair and competitive quote

5. Set your schedule and work area

The driver then accepts your quote and books in

6. Receive payment

Reach the car owner, complete the job and receive payment

Set yours own hour’s. Flexible work, at your fingertips.

Be Mobile and Earn Anytime

Start and earn money.

Reliable Earning

Keep your tips, and cash out when you want.

Pay the same rate for every major card.

Clear transaction rates for all types of payments, whether in person, online, or card on file.

No hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Skip the startup fees, authorization fees, statement fees, PCI-compliance fees, and more.

Find local jobs that fit your skills and schedule.

Set your own schedule. With BeeFixi, you have the freedom and support to be your own boss.

We offer 300 car repair services

Jobs that fit your skills


A regular brake system checkup can save…


Make sure that tires, tire air, springs,…


Efficient and small-scale, this engine can give…


Belts and hoses withstand a lot of…


Wheels are one of the most important…


Electrical system is an essential part of…

Use your own skills and earn extra money.

Set your own shedule, area, and specialties.

Levels of mechanics:

Journeyman (Beginner Level)


Description: This level is for mechanics who are just starting in the automotive repair industry. They handle basic repairs and maintenance tasks. However, capable of working independently, Journeyman Mechanics can diagnose vehicles using test equipment, visual inspection, and test drives. They handle basic automotive issues.

Upgrade to Maestro: To advance from Journeyman to Maestro, a mechanic must receive positive customer feedback, complete 100 jobs or acquire ASE Certifications (A1, A4, A5, A6, A8) and high on-time rate.


Maestro (Intermediate Level)


Description: This level includes the Journeyman, where mechanics handle more complex tasks like engine performance issues, electrical and wiring, fuel systems, ignition systems, etc. They have a solid understanding of a wide range of automotive systems.

Upgrade to Elite: Advancing to the Elite level requires extensive hands-on experience, advanced training or certifications, and consistently high customer satisfaction ratings and high on-time rate.

To move from Journeyman to Elite, a mechanic must complete 200 jobs or acquire Master ASE Certification (A1 through A8).


Elite (Highest Level)

Description: Elites are the top-tier professionals with expertise in all aspects of automotive repair and diagnostics, capable of understanding, diagnosing, and repairing all vehicle systems, including advanced computer and electrical systems. They should have at least 15 years of experience and potentially ASE Master certification. They often have specializations and can handle the most challenging repair tasks.

Maintaining the Elite status: may involve continuous education, staying updated with the latest automotive technologies, and a commitment to excellence in service.


Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Priority access to high-profile jobs and higher-paying jobs, eligibility for specialized projects, and a significant hourly rate increase. Establish a reputation as a top-tier mechanic, further increase earnings, and gain access to elite-level training and resources.

  • Bonus for completing jobs if high customer satisfaction ratings and high on-time rate.

  • Subsidized costs for Master ASE Certification, and special recognition awards.

  • Exclusive bonuses for maintaining Elite status, sponsorship for continuous education, and opportunities to mentor lower-level mechanics.


PRO (For Companies or Service Providers)


Description: This level is designated for companies or service providers who offer mobile mechanic services. It signifies a high standard of service, reliability, and a broad range of available services.

Maintains a high standard of service with mechanics at various skill levels, ensuring quality and reliability in their services.

For a company to achieve or maintain the PRO level, they must ensure all their mechanics meet certain standards, receive consistently high customer feedback, and adhere to industry best practices.






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